The travellers

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Hello…. Since this is the first post… I will introduce the travellers who are along in this journey with me!

It’s me, the I-M mommy.

I-M stands for immigrant if you haven’t figure it out yet 🙂

I love kids and working with kids.  However, that doesn’t say that my patience is endless (ask my kiddos).


Mr. Hubby… Well, let’s think that he was looking at me. He is wonderful in every sense of the word.  I don’t know how I would be able to go through school and life in general without him next to me.


This is ” G” . He is very artistic and musical.  A great dancer, a musician and a smart boy.  He is 11 years old and is getting into that difficult teenage year of “talking back” sometimes. Overall, he is an awesome and very loving boy that want to become a veterinarian.


This is S.T! The coolest boy in the house!  He is left handed and always think outside the box!  He LOVES lego.  He has so much creative juice in his brain that he creates stuff around the house constantly!  From paper, pen, broken pieces of toys, etc… He said he wants to work for lego someday! Oh by the way, he always says the darndest things!


Here is Mei mei!  She acts like a princess!  A super smart girl that can be a little spoil sometime 🙂 Our fault in part 🙂

She loves pink and purple, princesses and princes, castle and jewelry.. I think we are in trouble because she loves SHOPPING but she also loves to read!

198232_10151289421975218_2116810047_n (2)

So those are the 5 travellers… Of course the path and journey are planned by GOD the MASTER Planner 🙂


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