Miso Salmon

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Miso salmon is one of the favorite dishes we often prepare whenever we gather with friends. My friend Tom came up with the recipe!

So here is the recipe!  Please understand most Asian don’t write down their recipe as detail as American :-).

First you need cedar planks.

Dice green and red peppers, onions and scallions (How much is depends on how many salmon are you going to cook).

Lay diced vegetables on the planks!


Cut your salmon to fit the cedar planks!

Cover salmon front and back side with MISO paste!


You can get miso paste at your local Asian grocery store.
This is what miso paste looks like:


Grilled on high until it cooked 🙂  and ready to be eaten 🙂


So I forgot to take a picture of the salmon by itself.  Here is the miso salmon along with the rest of the dishes… 🙂



Happy grilling!

The I-M Mommy.


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