Nostril or nose

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I told my friends  this story during lunch today…

2 years ago, I took my oldest son to the doc because he twitched his nose a lot…Got there…The nurse asked,” so why are we seeing G this morning?” “Well, he said his right nose hurt:” I said…

G quickly interrupted,” Excuse me ma’am, it’s my right nostril, not my nose! My mommy is from Indonesia, she does not speak English very well!”

Then G turned to me, ” Mommy, come on, it’s my nostril not NOSE”

You should have seen the nurse’s FACE!  She did not know what to respond 🙂

I actually wanted to laugh so hard because of her reaction… She eventually said,” G, I think your mom is speaking English very well.”
Questions to you if you are not a native English speakers… but your kids are… Are they correcting YOUR English?  What is your reaction when they do? 🙂
The I-M mommy

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