2 People…2 Stories…1 New Beginning…


In 2001… 2 friends got married! Literally… Do you know that WE NEVER DATED ?? My friend aka my current hubby… just proposed in December 2000… 1 year later we got married…

My Dad owned a printing publishing company back then… So I designed the invitation!  Can’t you tell I LOVE flowers….and those were our pictures… when we were babies 🙂


Our verses were Jeremiah 29:11….Ecclesistes 3: 1 and Genesis 2:24

The invitations were in the middle… 3 languages.. Chinese, Indonesian and English


This was our program…. Today… I will marry my friend…

wedding program - Copy



Our Wedding favors were 2002 desk calendars… I designed it with my Dad. It has to be a stationary so it would be FREE right 🙂 You can change the picture on the left with your own… and the calendar sheet on the right can be changed as well 🙂


At the church…



My beloved Pastor Mastra officiated!  I couldn’t be more blessed!  I miss his church so much! That is a man who set a real example of humility, humor, wisdom and sound theology!

We sang at our wedding… Of course!

Wedding_service - Copy

The reception… My former students were blowing bubbles


The dancers…


The toast…

wedding toast

The prayer…

wedding reception

The kiss and the cake…

first kiss

The dress…

the dress

Of course a picture with Santa afterwards 🙂

picture with Santa - Copy

As we build our home… this picture sits on our mantle…..

wedding pictures...

I thank God and Praise GOD everyday… 12 years and 3 kids later…. HIS LOVE, GRACE, MERCIES and PROVISION has been faithfully presents  in the center of our home…


Perhaps someday I will share how 2 friends who never DATED married each other 🙂  It is a love story matched by GOD alone 🙂


2 thoughts on “2 People…2 Stories…1 New Beginning…

  1. a precious story of two lives brought together by God.
    So nice to meet you and see a beautiful family. You really are a “super mom”

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