Time management 101 with my kids

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People keep asking me, ” How do you do it?  I don’t know how you teach, go to grad school, maintain a business with 3 kids and a husband :-)”  Well….. today I decided to share a little bit about my time management strategy with my kids and also with all of you! 🙂

The potatoes represent things that are VERY important! God,  family, school , etc…

The carrots represent long time commitment that may not necessary seems beneficial now but will be important for their future … I told my kids, “These are your reading times, piano, violin, saxophone practices, studying, etc…”

The fruits represent all the “vitamins” that we need to keep our life “healthy and fun”… our family time, night time prayer time, movie nights, date nights, cleaning, etc…

The sugar cane represents sweet special moments that comes once in a while that is important such as  music recital, ballet recital, concert, birthday parties…

The small stones: things that are actually harmful if too much such as video games 🙂

The snow: things that are FUN for the moment, but it will quickly go away… such as our parties  🙂

The challenge is to put EVERYTHING into that plastic jar 🙂


So they got really excited and throw everything in without a system! 🙂


We had 3 carrots that didn’t make it in 😦


The sugar cane won’t fit and still have lots of snow in the container…


So we dumped everything in the sink and decided to start over… This time with mommy’s guidance….

We decided we should put the most important things aka “the biggest items” first.


followed by carrots…




small stones…


snow…. and they all FIT in the jar! 🙂


Look, there is even space for a cup of coffee with friends….


J had a great insight!! He said, ” Mommy, the coffee made more room! You know sometimes, talking to friends and spending time with friends can lighten our load because they can help us! They can make us happier too!”


Isn’t it so true,… sometimes when life is so overwhelming…. we may need to just chill and drink a cup of coffee with friends or with God.  The kids know that in the morning I like to have my coffee quietly and I often do my morning devotion during this time too…



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