Weekly Photo Challenge: BEGINNING

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I am participating in the WordPress photo challenge… This week the challenge is “BEGINNING”

We decided to go out to the North Market for brunch….

My 6 years old came down the stairs and dressed like this! YES!! He picked up that fortune magazine because he is going to be the next Elon Musk! 🙂  How does he know about Elon Musk? His daddy talks about TESLA motor all the time 🙂  So he saw the magazine and decided to read it in the car 🙂

YES, he loves to wear a clip on tie and dress up nowdays 🙂 (after he got ties for Christmas 🙂 )

No I didn’t ask him to read the magazine nor dress up that way… He is a boy with his own mind who choose his own outfit everyday! 🙂


He read the magazine in the car 🙂

20140104_104326 20140104_104605

He is my inventor! I was cleaning last week and found this broken wood frame.  He asked for it and this is what he did…. He drew a picture of him and his sister and hang it on his bedroom’s door!  Isn’t he so sweet….


He LOVES lego… and  wants to work for LEGO someday while developing his own fast car… which he already has a brand for it and in the process of designing the logo 🙂


So for this challenge…. These pictures suit as “BEGINNING!” Who knows that this is the BEGINNING of something that God has in store for this super sweet little boy!  Who knows …… you might be looking at the NEXT …. ELON MUSK or STEVE JOBS 🙂



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