Snow Day 1 = Productive day (sometimes)!


So we got snowed in yesterday and today….  So far the kiddos and I have been productive… They were somewhat motivated that it’s 7 days before Chinese New Year so we must clean the house and make it look good!

Yesterday, J asked me to teach him how to do laundry… of course I said, “YES!” He did his own laundry!


Then he taught his brother how to do his laundry!


Then S decided to help me and he organized the breakfast closet!


When Daddy came home from ballet with mei mei, we decided to start working on the “homework station” down in the basement!


By 11 pm last night we got the finished product!  Yes, it took us that long because we watched 2 movies for a break! 🙂

The labels are in post it because we need to know what will work best for us.  Any suggestion friends??  I have SO MANY PAPERS to keep up from school! 😦

We decided on this routine last night when they come home from school:

1.Put homework on their own tray on the top of the shelf.

2. Put their “take home folders” in the top box.

3. Put any projects, worksheets reading logs in the middle box

4. Put past/returned tests and homeworks in the bottom box.

Will it work?  I don’t know… we’ll have to see about that! 🙂 I will keep you posted of what works and doesn’t work…

If any of you has a suggestion for me… Please comment and let me know! What works in your home?





4 thoughts on “Snow Day 1 = Productive day (sometimes)!

  1. I hope the homework station works for you – it all looks super-organised!

  2. Love the idea of a work station. I need to think about doing something similar!

    • Thanks Melissa,
      Well, Let’s how that will work 🙂 it’s in our basement so it will take an extra discipline for the kids to put their stuff their everyday and also for me to NOT let them do homework on the dining table…


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