Calamity day’s assignment = ABSOLUTELY no homeschooling for this mommy!

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Today marked the 7th SNOW DAY for my kiddos! This snow day is driving me CRAZY!!! First of all, we are still working on the calamity day’s assignment for the 6th snow day (last Wed). Yes, yes… it’s due in 14 days… but on top of the assignment my kiddos are still having their regular school work/assessment (aka test) that they have to prepare…

Anyway, today I decided NOT to be so helpless! My boss asked me,” do you really want to come in for a meeting at noon?” I said, ” YES!” Not because I am so dedicated! But because I have to finish grading all these quizzes by FRIDAY and because my KIDS started wrecking the house πŸ™‚

So off we went! We got stuck stuck at Wendy’s drive thru and 2 gentlemen pushed my car! πŸ™‚
Then about 1- 2 minutes later a truck cleared the drive thru! NICE!!


Made it to the parking lot! Almost got stuck!


So they hang out in my office while I met with my boss!


WE came home and I had this GRANDIOSE IDEA that they are going to do their homework and I will grade 50 or so student’s quizzes each with 3 pages!


We sat down and worked for about two hours! The 2 hours didn’t look this quiet and peaceful though! This picture perfect lasted 2 minutes!


Today I learn that I will definitely not going to homeschool my kiddos because….

I can NOT TEACH 3 kiddos who are at different ages together! I admire those who can! I wonder what Laura Ingalls Wilder did in that 1 room school house..

I found out that I am not that smart and has forgotten MOST if not almost all of my math (exception: basic addition, subtraction, division and multiplication). Heck it was about measurement and conversion! I didn’t grow up here so I had to google “feet, inches, ounces, cups” and all those good stuff! I grew up with simple kg, km, cm, ml πŸ™‚

Dealing with a 4 year old drama queen is NOT my forte…

I believe that their TEACHERS are way smarter than me and KNOW MORE than me in regards to all these common core and curriculum stuff. HECK they know all about those different clouds! Cirrus… Cumulus… (I know them too now because I used GOOGLE HAH! What would I do without GOOGLE!

I can’t help a 5th grader write his writing assignment when HE is the one correcting my grammar πŸ™‚

Anyway, some of you may think, ” But SHE is a TEACHER and for those with special challenges and some very severe ones… SHE IS SO PATIENCE!”

Let me tell you the truth!
My KIDS listen to their teachers better than they listen to me so I am not that patient at all with them.

Several of my good friends are homeschooling their children! Today you have my respect and LOVE! I can not in a million year picture myself doing this on a daily basis! You truly must be called to homeschool your kiddos because it is so NOT EASY!

Initially, I was happy when they got their 6th day calamity day’s assignment because it gave them something to do. But now I am WORRY…. WHAT IF we have another snow day again (soon)… This assignment is PILING UP on top of MY WORK and MY ASSIGNMENTS!

HARD being a Stay Home Working MOM!

So we went to get ice cream… YES on a snowy day that started at a LEVEL 2 snow emergency πŸ™‚




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