Speech Therapy

Speech therapy or terapi wicara (in Indonesian language)  is my field of interest.

My journey into this field is unexpectedly, amazing and adventurous to say the least.

I started a music studio around 11 years ago to provide Kindermusik classes to children in my community.  Then a parent referred me to our county Help me grow program and we became a provider! Through this experience I came to know about the field.  Some parents encouraged me to go back to school and become an SLP.  I brushed that off because English is NOT my native language.  Low and behold, those were God’s whispering through them.

In 2007  I found out that my best friend in Indonesia has a special need daughter.  Going through this journey with her open my eyes to the fact that there were very limited numbers of speech therapist / terapis wicara in Indonesia.  Again, it was God speaking a little louder to me.  Yet as stubborn as I am, I brushed it off again!  I had a comfortable life.  My music studio was thriving and the bottom line is why would I want to go back to graduate school.

In 2009, I almost died of childbirth complication.  Some of my girlfriends joked with me,” what would I regret if I died?”  The question pierced me through my heart as if God was yelling on my ears.  The only regret I would have had  if I died is not obeying God’s voice and try to follow HIS direction for me to go back to school and become an SLP.

I am not naive and I don’t claimed that I will be able to make a difference in the lives of millions of Indonesian children.  However, once I graduate I will be the ONLY Indonesian who has the Ph.D degree in Speech Language Pathology.  Responibilites surpassed the honor and prestige that will come with such degree.

I don’t know what the future holds…. I am just living my life one step at a time… trying to obey the plan that God has planned for me… The journey has NOT been easy but I can truly say that GOD has been faithful throughout it all!



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