2009-Golden Years

Today grief has struck suddenly. As I was looking at this picture of him, tears rolled down my cheeks….


I wasn’t going to blog about this but then found out that this week prompt  is  “GOLDEN YEAR”  .

The prompt moved me to write.

On Saturday, February 22nd, my host father “Bob” died suddenly of a massive heart attack. He went out to shovel just a little bit of snow at the end of his driveway….

His family hosted me as an exchange student back in 1992 for a year!  I would not be where I am today if God didn’t use this family to teach and love me…

I have not written anything for 3 weeks because words can not express how great this man was!

The picture above was taken in December 2009. It was a very special year for me! In March 2009, I almost lost my life due to a C-section’s complication  during the birth of my daughter. For me to be alive now was a completely miraculous act of GOD. Being that close to death made me appreciate “life” even more.

That year we decided to take a road trip to visit loved ones in other states…

I remember going through bad roads and snow storm. It was so worth it because it was such a nice visit!  It was NOT the last time I saw him but it was a VERY MEMORABLE one for me because of how we parted.

I remember how tight he hugged me that night and said,” love u flo! You be careful now” with his thick Minnesota’s accent before I left.  I saw him wiped his tears as I wiped and tried to hide mine. I never asked him what he was thinking, what caused his tears…

I will tell you what caused my tears.  I was grateful for one more chance… I was grateful that I didn’t die back in March so I could visited them. I was grateful for the good time. I was grateful for the love that I received. I was grateful for the gift of “additional time with family”.

I wonder if he was thinking similar things because he had a health-scared too. A heart scare, a stent was inserted.

But I shouldn’t have to  wonder if he treasured the precious moments… I know he did… He loves gathering time…

Little did I know that he went to heaven way TOO SOON!  I am glad that 2009 was not the last time we saw him… I am glad we had more time with him…. more laughter… more smiles… more bear hugs…..

I rejoice to see how happy he was in this picture….


Though I know he is so happy up in heaven right now. It still hurts so much because I want MORE time…. more big bear hugs and more visit so my kids can learn from him… as much as I had learnt from him…. WHICH IS A LOT about grace… love… patience…kindness….FUN and LAUGHTER

Selfishly, I want more time because this year is my graduation year!  The girl with such broken English that first came to to their home to learn English is getting her clinical master degree in speech language pathology… He would have been proud!  Selfishly I want him here to be proud of me….

Please treasure your “years” with your loved ones!! Those years are GOLDEN YEARS!  You never know when death might come….